Spain Our Way!

About us

Come along on a small group tour and experience Spain Our Way!

Spain Our Way was built on our love of food, travel and exploring this beautiful country.

As Julio was introducing Cheryl to his homeland, she experienced Spain as a local. Both at a cross roads in their careers, they realized their dream to combine their love of traveling, food, and Spanish culture could become reality, which resulted in Spain Our Way.

With Julio translating and expertly navigating from one spot to the next, Cheryl had the most relaxing and interesting vacation. She was able to enjoy each activity without thinking about the next step because Julio had everything planned. We want to give that experience to you, so you too can fall in love with Spain.

The crew

Julio and Cheryl - Spain Our Way

Julio is a native of Madrid, but he spent his summers on the Galician coast. He also lived on the Mediterranean coast in Valencia.

With his real life experiences and intimate knowledge of the area his passion and excitement is infectious! Spain’s history, culture and cuisine will come alive for you.

Sharing his native country with friends and guests truly brings joy to Julio which will be translated into an amazing, stress free experience for you.

Cheryl is native to Portland, Maine. She loves New England but has a deep passion for European travel and lifestyle.

After 30 years of being a full-time massage therapist, she was ready for a change. Following her love of travel and her love for Julio, she moved to Spain to start a new chapter in her life.

Cheryl is enjoying her new life in Spain with Julio. As they travel and live in the regions that will create a unique experience for their guests, she is learning about the history, is immersed in the culture and lifestyle and is working on becoming fluent in Spanish… it’s all a work in progress. She is literally living her dream!